After the tiredness ebbed


vashtic replied to your post: So tired

the kite handler in the park. he carried two unwieldy reels with yards upon yards of twine along with two large colorful kites. the reels were so large that once the kite was launched he could set the … ah word ltd - see my page for the rest of it

Thank you so much vashtic the full version is wonderful. I recomend that you all read the full version


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Sending you a little fable I love, in case you don’t know it or feel like rewatching it:…

Aww Thank you wonderlalia! It was new to me, but it was reassuring to know that I’m not the only lost thing in the world.

The end is quite poignant!


ciscandocinza replied to your post: So tired

Animo, compañeiro.

Graziñas ciscandocinza. só tiven cansó despois moitas horas en el coche pero estou feliz como un perdiz!